The New AZ5C

AZ5C is a state-wide, promotional campaign designed to inspire us all to view Arizona differently. Though the economic drivers of cotton, climate, cattle, copper, and citrus all do still play a valid and substantial role in the Arizona economy, we felt that the conversation was due for a refresh.

But who are we you may ask? We are Bigfish Creative Group. We are not state-affiliated, and we are certainly not paid to advertise or promote Arizona at large. We are a creative advertising agency located in Old Town Scottsdale. We have the pleasure of working with so many Arizona organizations on a daily basis in order to help them tell their stories authentically to their audiences. In doing so, we find ourselves amazed at the pride, work ethic, passion, and dedication happening in almost every door we enter. We go home and tell our families, and we sit over drinks and tell our friends, but we felt that it was time to tell the rest of you.

Arizona has changed. It’s providing a home to passionate people with big dreams. It’s built, piece by piece, by our neighbors, colleagues, and families. And it’s certainly worth talking about.

7 Million

estimated population


tech companies


annual growth

#1 in the nation

entrepreneurial activity

#1 in the nation

job growth


largest data center concentration

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