Genuine Concepts: The Neighborhood Foodies

Tucker Woodbury of Genuine Concepts is on a mission to create true neighborhood hangouts that support the community and inspire growth.

Have You Heard of Us?

If you’ve been around Phoenix, chances are you’ve heard of popular eateries and bars like The Vig, Little Woody, and Cobra Arcade Bar. These hotspots and many others are the brainchild of foodie and concept addict Tucker Woodbury and Genuine Concepts, the hospitality group he co-founded; together, they are the brains behind some of the most delicious food and beverage experiences in the Valley.

With almost no experience in the food and beverage industry, Tucker’s decision to leave New York to bring a new restaurant concept to life in Arizona was a risky one. Fast forward a few years, and Rockin’ Horse was thriving, bringing a new flare to Old Town Scottsdale’s normal restaurant scene.

Rockin’ Horse was Tucker’s creation, a unique western-themed concert hall and restaurant, which hosted iconic musical acts like Dave Matthews, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Cheryl Crow. This venture sparked a fire in Tucker, inspiring him to continue creating unique dining experiences around Phoenix.

Food, Beer, and Games, oh my!

Two decades ago, there wasn’t a lot happening in downtown Phoenix with food and entertainment. There were some bars, some restaurants, and a few things in between. But what the foodie culture ached for was a true neighborhood spot, a place where people could enjoy exceptional food in an environment that felt like home.

Genuine Concepts took on the challenge. Their goal? Locally sourced food, good craft cocktails, and a more than welcome environment; places where people feel at home, where they can come to enjoy good food with good friends. Concepts that weren’t commonly found around downtown Phoenix or even outside of the downtown area. Tucker carefully selected spaces that offered something unique; a large patio, space for indoor games, or centrally located spots.

When the Crescent Ballroom first opened, it was something new that most locals hadn’t experienced before – a unique music venue featuring great live shows, a lounge with full bar service, and a kitchen where you could get great food at an affordable price. Following Crescent was The Vig, a restaurant pairing delicious comfort foods with patio dining, craft cocktails, and the occasional Sunday morning football game. Truly a match made in heaven.

Keeping It Simple

These restaurants, bars, and venues have been a catalyst to grow downtown Phoenix and continue to encourage the feel-good neighborhood atmosphere that Genuine Concepts originally set out to create. The Valley has certainly evolved over the years, but the people behind Genuine Concepts don’t want to change too much of the authentic quality that they grew to love.

“You don’t want to change everything that has a place, we need to keep what people moved there for in the first place,” Tucker explains. “People are moving here because it’s less expensive to live and work here; so much opportunity and so many great places to celebrate art, music, culture, food.” Tucker doesn’t take credit for the growth he’s seen over the years, he attributes it to the people; neighborhoods coming together to support each other, to encourage change, and ultimately create the tight-knit community that thrives today.

Genuine Concepts

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