A New Way to Buy a Car

Have you ever bought a car from a vending machine? Well, now you can.

Traditional car dealerships are plentiful in Arizona. In fact, the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association dates back to 1939, representing dealerships all over the state. Up until recently, visiting the dealership to choose a new or used car was fairly standard. But as technology grows and evolves, it’s no surprise that the way we are buying cars is also changing.

Carvana co-founder Ryan Keeton tells us why it is important to maintain exceptional customer service while providing a mobile shopping experience.

We set out to give consumers a new way to buy a car, free of haggling and high-pressure sales tactics. We want to make car buying fun again.

Streamlining the Process 

Carvana has a simple goal and that is to put the consumer in total control of the car buying process. When traditionally you would have to visit a dealership to see what models are available, now you can access a full inventory of cars from the comfort of your home, from your computer or smartphone. This is a huge benefit to people looking to save time, eliminate the dealership experience, or who simply know exactly what they want and are ready to buy. Another unique benefit is timing. Since the consumer is totally in control of the purchase, they can take as long as needed, or purchase a car in as little as 10 minutes and the car is delivered right to their home. In a space where physical dealerships are king, this is pretty revolutionary.

Since its start in 2012, Carvana has come a long way. Today they are serving more than 70 markets worldwide and have recently grown their presence in Arizona, launching free, next day delivery in both Tucson and Phoenix. Tempe is also home to the largest car vending machine to date, which makes for an impressive sight against the city skyline.

One of the most unique features that support their dedication to exceptional customer service is Carvana’s delivery system. Having your new car delivered virtually anywhere you choose just adds to the hassle-free functionality Carvana is known for. Not having to take time away from your busy schedule to pick up your car from the dealership? That’s a perk a lot of people can appreciate.

More Room to Grow

It’s no surprise why Arizona was the natural choice for Carvana’s headquarters, with all three of the company’s founders born and raised in the valley. They’ve had the opportunity to see how the city is developing and attracting new businesses and talent. Ryan tells us how happy they have been being able to see Carvana grow alongside other successful businesses in Phoenix. It has been quite a journey from a small startup to a publicly traded company and there is plenty more to come from these tech entrepreneurs.

As they continue to expand to more cities throughout the U.S, Carvana stays close to the core values they started with. Customer service is the number one priority, so much so that you can test drive your car for 7 days and if you don’t love it, send it back! Carvana wants to make sure that your car fits you, fits your life. This community-focused approach to sales may be new, but with Carvana, it’s here to stay.


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