Camelback Flowershop: The Artful Entrepreneur

From college, to studying in Paris, to opening her own flower shop in town, Teresa Wilson has always stayed true to her passion.

It’s More Than Just a Desert

Although often generalized as a dry desert landscape, Arizona has one of the most diverse, most luscious ecosystems in the country. A unique blend of desert, lakes, forests, and snow peaked mountains, Arizona is home to over 60 species of cacti, the highest natural point in the United States, and of course, the Grand Canyon. It’s this incredible variation that makes Arizona an easy choice for people that feel most at home in nature.

Born in Tucson, Arizona, Teresa Wilson moved away when she was young, seeking new experiences outside the desert landscape. But like many Arizona natives, she realized there really was no place quite like home. She recalls her time spent in the Sonoran Desert, remembering fondly, “nature has a special agreement with light that you don’t see anywhere else.” So for her, the choice to open Camelback Flowershop in Phoenix was an easy one.

Becoming the Artful Entrepreneur

Teresa knew she wanted to make her living in the art world and considered herself a creative and artistic entrepreneur. Following in the footsteps of her parents who were both artists, she saw an article about two women who ran a flower school in Paris. It took a year of hard work and saving, but Teresa eventually moved to Paris to take the 3-month course. Eventually moving back to Arizona, Teresa saved her money, rented a small space in a quiet corner of Phoenix, and set out to begin her entrepreneurial journey. It was here Camelback Flowershop would plant its roots in the community and begin to grow.

Since its start in 2003, Camelback Flowershop has become a community staple and a second home to her almost 20 employees. Teresa works hard to keep her shop a place full of positivity and light, a place people can come and find unique gifts, flower arrangements, and potted plants. It’s her dedication to positivity and passion that Teresa attributes her success to. “You have to love what you do,” she says and continues to seek out ways to involve and inspire her community. Teresa wants to use her shop as an outlet to bring her community together and truly show what Phoenix has to offer.

"You have to love what you do."

Knowing What’s Most Important

So what does the future hold for this tenacious entrepreneur and her shop? Right now, the store will stay where it is, servicing the community as it’s done for more than a decade. “Expansion will happen in small, strong steps,” Teresa says easily. For now, staying close to her community and investing in her passion is what’s most important, the catalyst behind every step, every sacrifice, and every decision. Camelback Flowershop proves that when you build something out of love and passion, the community will flourish.

Camelback Flowershop

4214 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix 85018