Lighthouse for Hope: Shining a Light on Pediatric Cancer

When Hannah Cobley won her own battle with leukemia, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others fight as well.

Arizona native Hannah Cobley knows firsthand what it’s like to have your life turned upside down by cancer.

Shortly before her 18th birthday, Hannah was faced with her own diagnosis, an aggressive form of acute promyelocytic leukemia. Surrounded by her friends and family, Hannah started a grueling 3-year journey to remission, where she thankfully remains today.

Hannah faced her battle with leukemia head on, knowing that the fight would be a hard one, and it was. Her treatment at Phoenix Children’s Hospital started quickly and intensely, relying on her doctors and nurses for support as she went through chemotherapy. Hannah talks about the staff at PCH with incredible fondness, her face lighting up as she recalls the relationships she formed during her time in the hospital. This is something Hannah continues to refer back to, the incredible people that are there to support patients as they endure brutal treatments, their kindness, their compassion, their steadfast perseverance to recovery. When she started Lighthouse for Hope, she knew that these people- doctors, nurses, and extended staff, would play a huge part in her efforts to provide for these families.

Starting Something Special 

When Hannah realized that she wanted to do more to help she decided to start Lighthouse for Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing day to day necessities for families with pediatric cancer. She knew the emotional, physical and financial challenges these families were facing and knew that even the smallest contribution would make a world of difference.

Lighthouse for Hope works to provide families with items that insurance doesn’t always cover, like gas cards, groceries, cleaning supplies, and other daily items that are needed. Hannah focuses her work on Arizona families, some local, and some that have traveled to Phoenix for treatment. Hannah is deeply empathetic to the pain and uncertainty of not only the patient but of the family as well. Lighthouse for Hope is committed to alleviating financial stress so that families can focus on helping their children heal.

Hannah wants to use Lighthouse for Hope as a platform to bring awareness, support, and funding to the pediatric cancer space, using resources within Arizona to continue to grow her foundation. She wants to show people that childhood cancer is not rare, in fact, it’s common, and it can happen to any child, any time, in any family. And her commitment is unrelenting. Recently having quit her own full-time job, Hannah says she hopes to have moved into an office space and hired a full-time staff within the next two years. With little experience in running a non-profit, Hannah has faced her share of challenges, but her dedication has paid off and more of our local community has started taking a real interest in her work. Crane and Carbon, a local organic, all-natural skincare and homecare producer, partnered with Lighthouse for Hope in an effort to bring safe, healthy cleaning products to families who might not otherwise have access to them. This is just one example of how people are coming together to rally behind parents fighting for their child’s life.

For Her Community, and a Little Charity

Being born and raised in Arizona, we asked Hannah what continues to drive her efforts, what inspired her to start her foundation in Phoenix and she replied simply, “Phoenix is where my heart is.” That true and honest love for her city and community is what makes organizations like hers so special. She quickly identified with the C, community, stating that she simply could not do what she does without the support and love of her community. Local businesses that have stepped up to contribute financially, friends and extended family that have dedicated their time to outreach and promotion. Her community, the people in it, this has always been her driving force and she works to create a strong and resilient community to stand behind children fighting cancer. When asked what C she would add to the group if she could, she responded with a laugh, “charity!”

Hannah is one of those rare people that has experienced devastation and has come out stronger and more determined than before. We asked Hannah why she chose a lighthouse as her logo, and she explained when she was in the hospital, in her worst moments, she reminded herself “one day at a time” and kept the mindset that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Hannah, Lighthouse for Hope is bringing that light to families all over Arizona.

Lighthouse for Hope