Quarles and Brady: A True Community Partner

Nicole Stanton of Quarles and Brady talks about the importance of community involvement, the benefits of change, and staying creative.

A Longtime Arizona Partner  

Established 125 years ago, Quarles and Brady ranks in the top 200 grossing law firms in the U.S. (Am Law 200 ) and has been serving the Arizona community as a multidisciplinary legal services provider with over 500 practicing attorneys. As industry leaders in technology, energy, financial services, healthcare, insurance, pharmaceuticals, real estate, and manufacturing, the team at Quarles and Brady is deeply invested in the local community, and Nicole Stanton, the Phoenix managing partner, tells us why.

Nicole is no stranger to the law firm community; she joined Quarles and Brady in the summer of 1998 as a summer associate and became a full-time employee in 2001. So it’s no surprise that she knows a thing or two about how to successfully integrate herself and her peers into the local community to insight positive change, education, and a true spirit of unity.

Community, Investment and Commitment 

With their roots firmly established in Arizona, Nicole and her team at Quarles and Brady believe giving back to the community in an impactful and meaningful way is important. In fact, so important that they are 30 years into a relationship with Capitol Elementary School, a Title 1 school in Phoenix. For Nicole, this long-standing relationship is crucial to creating positive experiences for both the kids and the team members alike. Lawyers and staff members come together in teams to adopt a classroom and become surrogate classroom parents, putting together parties, events, holiday activities – essentially, creating a more enjoyable and fun classroom experience.

There is also a focus on providing mentoring programs and clothing drives, essentially anything the kids need to be healthy, happy, and successful. Nicole stresses the importance of programs that support the health of the community — for companies that have the resources available, their involvement with local schools, small businesses, and non-profits can have a huge impact.

Aside from community involvement, Nicole also talks about the value of investing in small business. “There are not a lot of big-time corporate headquarters here!” she explains. This has created an opportunity for Quarles and Brady to become involved in another way by donating legal services to smaller startup businesses and helping them with paperwork, legal advice, and the basics of getting started and growing. “It’s an investment,” she says. “A way to give back.”

Arizona is like a sponge. Thirsty for innovation and creativity.

Evolving and Giving Back 

Arizona has a rich history of diversity and community, and even now is changing and evolving. With so much opportunity sprouting up everywhere, it’s no surprise to see even the largest law firms evolving too. Quarles and Brady aren’t immune to the advancements of technology, and new developments have replaced some of the things they have been used to doing for a long time. But with the advancements in technology comes the opportunity to be flexible and to pivot. “Technology may close one door, but it forces us to be innovative and creative.” Nicole highlights the benefits of being an older, more established firm in the Valley. “We have a creative edge, more access to technology, and more contacts.”

With the new 5 Cs better capturing what Arizona is today, a more inclusive and more communal space, Nicole added her own C to the mix. “Creativity! I see it every day here.”

Being in the field they’re in, creativity is required to build relationships — there is an expectation for the Quarles and Brady community to bring energy and creativity to their practice. “We have to be flexible and nimble to meet people halfway.”

Creativity is just one of the ways Nicole and her team at Quarles and Brady are staying committed to their clients and their community. “One of my biggest requirements is that people be involved, in some way. Some people give pro-bono work as their contribution; others get involved in the community.” Either way, there is no doubt that Quarles and Brady will continue to make a substantial impact within their local community and in Arizona.

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