Jaime Cerreta: A Place to Call Home

News anchor and local reporter Jaime Cerreta knows the value in nurturing community growth.

Arizona native Jaime Cerreta knew from a young age that she was born to be in broadcasting. A graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Jaime started her career as a reporter for different news stations around the United States but felt deeply compelled to return to her home state and be part of the community she grew up in. Whether she’s anchoring the news, on-the-scene reporting, or working with local entrepreneurs, everything Jaime does, she does with love.

No matter where I was working, I always wanted to be home in Arizona; I wanted to tell the Arizona news.

Love for Entrepreneurs

There is something about the Arizona landscape that completely draws people in. “I love Camelback Mountain – I just really love it,” Jaime says affectionately. Of course, Arizona’s diverse landscapes do play a huge role in why people love living here, but there is more brewing under the surface than breathtaking mountain ranges.

Phoenix may not be commonly known for being a pioneering city of entrepreneurs, but beyond the sunny skies and blossoming desert is a burgeoning community of innovative local businesses making their start in the Valley. Passionate about shedding light on these growing businesses, Jaime started a program to showcase local entrepreneurs called Jaime’s Local Love. Through Channel 3 and AZ Family, Jaime highlights different local businesses and restaurants, featuring their stories online through a video clip and article. This special attention to local growing businesses is special to Jaime and one of the reasons she continues her work in Arizona.

It’s All About the People

Phoenix is a very welcoming city, and the business community is remarkably close and connected to one another. Jaime knows firsthand the value of that connection, as she is often communicating the newest technology innovations coming out of Arizona. “We’re attracting a tech crowd that is building a different culture here!” She recalls a recent trip down to Tuscan where she had the opportunity to visit the warehouse where Jim Cantrell, co-founder of the SpaceX program, is working on new rocket technology. This kind of advanced technological innovation is not only grooming a new generation of community members but also drawing in people from all over the U.S, who are getting a new look into what Arizona has to offer in the tech industry.

Jaime is not the only one deeply connected to her community – her family is as well. Three generations of Cerreta’s have been a part of Arizona’s community, and her family roots run deep. With so many small businesses, tech start-ups, and local growth happening, people in the community are very passionate about what they do and about what they’re building here. “People care about what they’re doing – it’s one of the reasons I wanted to come back to Arizona.”

Connectivity is a word Jaime relates strongly to – between her involvement in the community and local entrepreneur support system, it’s all a way to connect with one another. With more opportunities and more community involvement, Arizona is swiftly becoming a place where new people are bringing new ideas to the table and producing some pretty amazing things.

Jaime Cerreta

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