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Trevor Wilde is devoting his work in the financial management field to the community he loves.

There are few financial planning companies that can blend superior investment advice, trust services, and insurance consulting with real commitment and love for their local community. But Wilde Wealth Management Group is doing just that.

First and foremost, what is your name and title?

My name is Trevor Wilde and I am the Managing Director of Wilde Wealth Management Group. We offer customized investment and planning advice in an independent capacity, and expanded in-house service offerings from fellow independent experts and specialists in the fields of legal, taxes, risk management, family services, real estate and insurance.

What inspired you to work here in Arizona?

Great question. My dad started our practice about 30 years ago.  We migrated here from Oregon initially.  My dad was in real estate and that’s what brought my family here in 1982 and in the late 80’s he got into insurance. This was basically the roots of our practice.

For me, I grew up here, I went to school in Tucson and it was home. I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in the business but I got hired by a large firm and ended up partnering with my father and the rest is history, so they say.

Have you ever considered moving the company elsewhere or is there a reason you’ve stayed true to your roots here in Phoenix?

I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I’m a father of 4 girls and from a quality of lifestyle and affordability standpoint, I just can’t imagine living anywhere else. Being a family practice, we work with individuals and families, and we work with great people. 90% of them live here in Arizona. So no, I would never consider living outside these borders.  This is home for us.

You touched on affordability and lifestyle. Could you expand on the lifestyle and if you could propose what that lifestyle is like, what would you say it is?

I think having a young family myself, it’s the ability to be outdoors almost 12 months of the year, even as hot as it gets the evenings aren’t bad and getting up to the cooler country in Payson or Flagstaff. I just think about the flexibility and freedom of living here. Being outdoors or being a foodie with the vast amount of restaurants we have and the cultural growth over the years. On top of all that, although we’re a growing city, getting around is nothing like being in California! Arizona encompasses all of those things, we have so many outdoor activities, weather that’s conducive all year round, and we have a growing city which brings cultural diversities.

Being here in Arizona, is there a specific component that has contributed to making your business successful?

Yes! Many of our clients are retired and Arizona is an attractive place for retirees to live. On the opposite side of that, we have a tremendous group of businesses here that are attracting new people, we’re seeing more growth and more well-to-do professionals that are needing to sit down and look at their finances. I think that the environment we have here, retirees coming here and on the other end of that, our business community is thriving and attracting a lot of young professionals as well.

What is one piece of advice you would give those young professionals?

Start early, start now! It’s amazing in our business seeing the difference between someone who started saving and planning early in their life to even a ten-year difference in starting. So yes, start early and start now in regards to saving and getting your financial life organized.

How do you feel your company has helped support the Arizona story?

We love Arizona, we’re very proud of our roots here and of being Arizonans. Like any community, ours in particular, you have a mix of people coming here to retire that need help in arranging their finances to provide income and also being in an area that has a thriving business community full of young professionals who are looking at getting organized and need financial services. We’re able to help both sides.

We’re big believers in giving back to the community as well. We have a community outreach program called Wilde for Arizona™ where we participate with 3-5 different charities throughout the year. We always try and engage our clients in those activities, we’re doing a backpack drive right now with Child Crisis Arizona and our goal was to get 30 backpacks together before school, we’re already over 30. Again, inviting our clients to participate in donating goods and dollars to the cause. Our goal as an organization is to be a part of the community, not only with the people we serve in helping them be financially responsible but in helping the non-profits that are valuable in our community.

Of the 5 new Cs – community, culture, connectivity, commerce, and catalyst – which of them do you feel your business and you personally connect with?

I would have to say community. We’re a family business, my dad started it and he and I were partnered for almost 20 years. Our team members are family to us, and clients are as well, so my immediate response is community. We do live a state where more and more of the community togetherness is changing. We moved here in 82′ and I remember as a kid, I don’t think we ever met our next-door neighbors! But that’s different today, I think about the community we live in and our neighbors and our business community, they know us and we know them.

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