Avnet: Turning Ideas into Solutions

We sat down with Kevin Sellers to talk about how Avnet is playing an unbiased role in the tech world and creating unique solution-centric results for their clients.

The Leader in Technology Solutions 

Though founded in New York City, Avnet chose Phoenix to be home to its headquarters – aligning the company at the heart of the technology supply chain with a vibrant city connected by commerce and community. Arizona is no stranger to tech companies, with big names like ON Semiconductor, Microchip, and Insight all hailing from the valley. However, nestled among the growing startup culture, Avnet remains the oldest and largest publicly traded tech company in Arizona, with a staggering $19 billion in annual revenue.

Holding on to the lead position, Avnet certainly does not shy away from challenges. Today, they are the first to offer end-to-end solutions that allow customers to take an idea all the way from prototype to mass production. They specialize in handling the three most common business challenges that their customers face: time to market, cost efficiency, and technology complexity.

Arizona and Avnet, Growing Together

It was in 1998, when Roy Vallee entered as CEO and chairman, that the company relocated its corporate headquarters to Phoenix from New York City. That move was just the beginning of a lot of growth and change – for Avnet and for the city. Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Sellers shared his insights on Arizona coming up in the tech world. “You can really be a global player here in Phoenix,” he says. “The days of Arizona being strictly agriculturally focused have passed and we now see it moving quickly into the business and technology field. Not only is the quality of life here outstanding, but there is an obvious cost differentiator between New York, California, and Arizona. Being relatively young in the tech space, Arizona offers the unique benefit of having an open market at a comparatively low cost to businesses.”

There is another benefit here that has made a difference to Avnet’s growth, and it’s talent. “Companies are migrating to Arizona for the talent,” Kevin explains. With ASU voted Most Innovative University and boasting a business school ranking in the top 25 in the country, there is new talent to choose from every day. The diverse culture and high level of education coupled with the increasing demand from growing tech companies have created a talent pool unlike any other in the country.

Integrity, ingenuity, collaboration. These are just some of the original core values behind Avnet’s relationships with customers, suppliers, and even each other.

The Community Makes the Difference

Avnet has grown exponentially over the last decade, and Kevin assures us that they aren’t stopping any time soon. “We’re becoming more solutions-based for our customers, everything we have will connect and compute.” Avnet plays an unbiased role in the tech world, putting together unique, custom solutions to meet their customers’ ever-changing needs.

However committed to growth they are, Avnet is equally committed to their community and bettering the economy. For the fifth consecutive year, they have been recognized as a World’s Most Ethical Company (2018) by the Ethisphere Institute. So much of Phoenix is a tight-knit community, fueling the idea of commerce and growth, and it’s why more people are gravitating here. “You can’t buy that kind of promotion,” Kevin says and explains why Avnet will continue to evolve in Arizona. “People know when they are part of a community that cares for one another”


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