Confessions of a Photographer

Jared Murray is using his photography to capture the beauty, vibrancy, and heart of Arizona and he’s doing it with style.

Telling the Story

While Jared may not have picked up his first camera till 2013, photography has been around for over a one hundred years, and Arizona has never been shy about boasting its exceptional photogenic qualities. With locations like the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Humphrey’s Peak, Arizona is a dream destination for photographers of all kinds, coming to capture the incredible diversity and stunning beauty of the state.

Jared moved to Arizona in 2011 with the simple goal to experience something new before moving on. A natural born nomad, he’s traveled to quite a few places and intended to continue his journey after Arizona had offered all it could. Now several years later, Jared calls Phoenix home, for more reasons than one.

A Writer Turned Photographer

Before picking up the camera, Jared, a skilled writer, made his living by telling stories with words. He, like many people, shot videos and took pictures with his phone, seeing what he could capture with the simple device. However modest the photos may have been, Jared fell in love with the ability to capture moments, expressions, emotions, and details with just one picture. In 2013, he upgraded from his phone to a DLSR, a digital, single-lens camera. He started practicing techniques, as he explored the city, the landscapes, and the people to see what might come out of this small but growing passion.

Leaving behind his pen and paper to pick up the camera was a bold move and came with challenges not unexpected. In 2017, Jared decided to pursue his passion and start his own business, Jared Murray Photography. He didn’t pause long when asked what the hardest part of starting a new venture.

“Finding clients!” he said with a chuckle.

More seriously, Jared talked about the struggles of starting a new business, the nerves that accompany cold calling potential clients, and overcoming the reluctance of selling himself as a service. He is quick to speak of friends in the industry who gave him tips and advice and helped him source his first clients. The gratitude is written on his face as he recalls stories of his first clients and what the experiences taught him.

"We need to support one another, encourage and connect with each other. That is how our city will continue to grow in diversity and thrive in our community."

A Nomad Now Settled

As Jared talks about his favorite places to hike, camp, and work, his love for Arizona is obvious. The ability to be in the city one day and up in the mountains the next is a rare quality that not every place has and is one of the reasons Arizona has embedded itself in Jared’s heart. An avid lover of nature, he can live and work in the bustling city, immersing himself in the art community, while spending the weekends lost in the wilderness, exploring and relaxing. Not surprising, Arizona has provided some breathtaking landscapes for Jared to perfect his craft and he takes full advantage of the scenic views.

When asked which of the AZ 5 Cs he feels applies to his work, Jared’s immediate answer was community. Phoenix has an incredible community of artists, writers, photographers, builders, creators, and more. Its vibe is one of an up-and-coming city, full of people that want to support one another in their endeavors. It’s this community of like-minded people that Jared has found his home in, immersing himself in culture and activities. A cycling enthusiast, he’s found a community of people from all walks of life, coming together to connect and network and learn from one another. Yet another reason Jared is so quick to call Phoenix his home.

Jared’s genuine love for his community and dedication to his craft is a reminder of why people choose Arizona to grow their families, their careers, and their futures. Phoenix is a large city, yet offers the feeling of a close-knit community, overflowing with culture and diversity, offering promise to people like Jared, a young entrepreneur trying to make a name for himself. I asked Jared if he could add a new C to the five already created, what it would be.

“Caring,” he responded simply.

“Caring and compassion, regardless of our backgrounds or walks of life. We’re all similar. We need to support one another, encourage and connect with each other. That is how our city will continue to grow in diversity and thrive in our community.”

Jared Murray Photography