Bloguettes: Building a New Social Tribe

What happens when you combine two passionate women, a whole lot of creativity, and unyielding determination? You get a powerful punch of girl power.

Sakura Considine and Lorena Garcia had a chance meeting at a 2012 business retreat. When sharing their experiences, they bonded over the desire to start something that truly inspired and empowered people. From their passion, Bloguettes was born.   

What Does Social Mean to Us?

Bloguettes is a creative strategy and design studio specializing in the areas of branding, content creation, and social media. Phoenix is no stranger to design and marketing, however, the goal of the company was to grow a new community built around a shared love and passion for social media. While it is a shared goal, Sakura and Lorena bring their own set of unique skills to the table. Sakura focuses on the creative and design aspect of the business while Lorena works on the business development and marketing efforts.

It’s Sakura and Lorena’s shared desire and dedication that helped shape Bloguettes into the multidimensional social space that it is today. When they first started the company, they saw a huge need for an expanded creative community, something more than just the exchange of business cards. Because there wasn’t a big community around the industry at that time, they had the opportunity to pave their own way, to do things the way they wanted them done, and to showcase their own personal style in the social media world.

Sakura and Lorena do share a common goal and that is to make sure that everything they do, touch, or create has a purpose behind it. Whether its teaching people the strategy of using social media or expanding their own business, everything is put into motion because of their shared passion for creation.

There is a general happiness in Phoenix that is just infectious.

Nobody Hates the Sunshine

What does the future hold for Bloguettes and its two fearless leaders? Pretty simple- growth and lots of it. Social media is helping people connect on a new level and now as blogging extends to more outlets, the opportunities to expand are endless. Sakura and Lorena are realizing the full potential of their business as they transition out of workshops to focus more on agency work.

Another common bond between the two women is both were born in another country and came to Arizona with their families. Lorena tells us when she first came to Phoenix, she felt instantly welcomed. She tells us with a smile, “Mexico is where I grew up, but Arizona is home.” Sakura shares similar sentiments, having grown up in Tokyo, she came to Arizona to attend Arizona State University and since then has called Phoenix her home. “Arizona just fits everyone,” she says, “There really is something for everyone and people support each other.”

Both agree that people are just now getting a taste of what Arizona really has to offer; the incredibly diverse culture, opportunities to connect with like-minded people, the thriving startup community, and of course, endless amounts of sunshine.


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