FourtillFour: Classic Coffee and Vintage Autos

Coffee enthusiast Nico Samaras is bringing specialty brew to Phoenix, along with some unique vintage automotive style.

It can be hard to find a born and raised Arizona native, but FourtillFour owner and creator, Nico Samaras, is one.

From California Corps to Arizona Coffee

His casual style and relaxed demeanor easily match the vibe of his small but artfully crafted coffee house. As an Arizona native, his roots run deep, however, he has had his time exploring the world. A former soldier in the U.S Marine Corps, Nico spent nearly 8 years in California, before making the decision to travel back to Arizona and focus on his true passion – specialty coffee.

When asked why Nico chose to come back to Arizona to start his business, his answer was simple, “Phoenix is growing and I want to be part of the change.” A true statement, Phoenix is growing rapidly, and opportunities for entrepreneurial success are ample. Nico explained that coming back to Arizona was an easy choice, a natural fit for him. His brand is unique, a clever blend of classic coffee and vintage auto, with a dash of local artwork thrown in.

His goal? Simple. Create a blossoming community around his love for cars and his brand of coffee. Nico feels strongly that his brand truly speaks to his desert roots and he wants to be a big fish in a growing sea. After being away for nearly 10 years, coming home was the easy part. Making FourtillFour coffee a household name, that is the challenge he happily accepts.

Phoenix is growing and I want to be part of the change.

A Community of Coffee Lovers

So, what is the future of this small but powerful brand of coffee? Naturally, Nico would love to be known as the best coffee in Arizona. A lofty but certainly attainable goal. But more than that, Nico wants to grow his community, share his love of classic cars, and connect people around the world with common purpose and passions.

Nico attributes some of his success to the simplicity of living in Phoenix, the relaxed vibe and lack of distractions have allowed him to focus on his business. When asked if he identified with any of the 5 Cs, Nico immediately said community. He explained he could not do what he does without the support and encouragement of his local community, his connections to people both local and countrywide have given him the tools needed to grow a small business. Connectivity also plays a huge role in his life, his connections with his customers, his employees, and his even in his social network all contribute to his continued success.  Encouraged to think of his own C to add to the list, Nico was quick to answer… coffee and cars!

In an effort to blend his love of coffee with his love of cars, Nico often hosts weekend events at FourtillFour, vintage Porsche and Coffee Saturdays, classic European vehicles on Sunday mornings, and eccentric off-road Jeeps in between. This distinctive blend of exceptional coffee, personal passion, and a love of his hometown, ensures that Nico and FourtillFour will be around for the long haul.


7105 E. 1st Ave
Scottsdale 85251