Agency Arizona: A New Standard for Beauty

Former model Terri Camberlango knows what it takes to make it in the industry and she’s helping local Arizona talent pave their way to success.

When you think of great actors or famous singers, Arizona might not be the first place that comes to mind. But not surprisingly, Arizona has been the birthplace of some incredible talent. Actress Emma Stone, singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks, and model Hailey Baldwin all hail from different parts of the valley of the sun.

Former model and Arizona native Terri Camberlango knows well that there is limitless talent waiting to be discovered and she is ready for the challenge.

Wanted: Exceptional Talent, Bright Futures

Terri started her modeling career when she was 14 and with that had the opportunity to travel the world, getting the chance to experience different aspects of the modeling industry. Upon returning home, she left the industry to attend Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and moved into a catering position in Phoenix. When a small modeling agency opened in 2004, Terri was asked to join as a model, and she agreed.

Agency Arizona was created with a simple goal – to find and foster amazing talent in Arizona. As Terri continued modeling, she immersed herself the business side of the industry and what it takes to manage an agency with a thriving book of business. Not long after, she made the decision to retire her modeling career and dedicate herself full time to running the agency. She knew firsthand the talent hidden deep all over the sunny state and she was committed to finding it and fostering it.

Expanding, Growing, Learning

One of the most important things Terri wants to focus on with Agency AZ is making sure that they are pursuing all avenues in the industry, including movies and TV. “We are in constant competition with ourselves,” she says, “We want to be better than we were the year before.” Growing and expanding doesn’t come without challenges, but Terri is focused on overcoming those challenges as they come. Seeing her girls become successful makes the struggles seem unimportant and Terri has had the pleasure of seeing Agency AZ talent featured in films, become YouTube influencers, and even appear in Italian Vogue.

Terri attributes the success of the agency to the community of people around it. “Our talent is like family.” She says. It’s part of the reason the agency has been able to grow and expand so rapidly, every person involved has a strong respect for one another, working together to grow each other’s ideas and passions. Focusing on diversity and opportunity has helped make a name for the agency, and today, people travel from all over the country to visit Agency AZ and see the talent they have to offer.

The culture in Arizona is one of collaboration, teamwork, and family. It’s full of people who are passionate, who love what they do and want to create and share with others. So why Arizona, why start the agency here? Might seem like a tough question but Terri answered easily. “This business can be frantic and have so many unexpected challenges, but Phoenix is so calming and so reliable, it always stays the same.” It’s this steadfast quality and family-centered lifestyle that has helped shape the success and secure the future of Agency AZ.

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